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Radio Control

Robotic Systems - Radio controlNow you can build those multiple servo models you always wanted to. Our products provide you with 14 precision channels. Typical projects include:

  • Garden/Attic Railways
  • Larger truck or Tank models
  • Robot Projects
  • Boat Projects
  • Sailing Projects – actually control multiple lines of rigging
  • Control cameras attached to models + the model itself

The Line Of Sight range for a joystick sensor and servo controller in open air is at least 240 metres. The system has the ability to grow with your needs. A simple setup would consist of a logger and controller. The first used to capture and transmit your movements to the second circuit which receives and sets the positions of up to 14 servos.

You can add circuits to the system allowing it to grow with your experience. Start with a single 14 channel circuit and connect it to your PC via the serial port and provided cable. Once you’ve gained knowledge using the circuit to capture movements and control servos with our software, you can grow the system by adding another 14 channel circuit, both circuits then need an RF circuit to be plugged in. Connect a couple of our sensors to the logger circuit and servos to the controller circuit. Move the sensors and watch as the servos mimic sensor movements in real time, it’s that easy.

To grow the system, add an RF dongle, connecting it to a PC. The PC will acquire data from the logger and send movements to the controller. This is useful if you want to adjust incoming data or store it on HDD or show the information on the computer screen.

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All our circuit products are supplied with power supply cables and software application on CD allowing you to get started and running quickly. Our PC software applications are written using National Instruments Labview software. Robotic Systems Ltd can customise software applications and plastic chassis parts for its customers.