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Robot and BodyLAB

Robot Replay System

The Robot Replay System consists of a 6 servomotor device constructed using plastic plate and angle. A wiring loom connects each of the servos to a Central Processing Circuit responsible for receiving position data from the PC and controlling the position of each servo. The mimic man robot is attached to one arm of a 'T' frame. The other arm has an adjustable counterbalance to provide support for the mimic man robot while walking. A power/data cable connects the mimic man robot to the PC. A power supply is also included. BodyLAB is included as standard and controls the mimic man robot's movements.

Walking Biped Mimic Man Robot

Robotic Systems Ltd. has specifically developed the mimic man robot for use in the classroom. The light weight construction allows students to observe electromechanical relationships on the fly. Standard recorded files shipped with BodyLAB can be replayed using the mimic man robot. The various features contained within the software allow the mimic man robot to walk forwards, backwards and single step. A complete features listings is provided in the "Software" section.

'T' Frame

The 'T' frame is used to counterbalance the mimic man robot while walking. The adjustable mass can be set to lift the mimic man robot completely off the ground to enable the user to watch the mimic man robot walking in mid air. Usually the mass will be set to allow the feet to contact with the floor to allow walking. An advantage with this system is that even when movements are erratic the mimic man robot cannot fall over causing damage. The hollow tubes used to construct the frame carry the data and power cable plus a slip-ring allowing the cable to rotate without twisting.

BodyLAB PC Software

The PC software package is the heart of the system allowing users to capture movements,manipulate and replay data and control movements of the screen graphs, stickman and mimic man robot.


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Robot and BodyLAB

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