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Nordic nRF2401 circuit

Product Features

Our Radio Frequency (RF) tansceiver, transmit and recieves data while connected to one of Robotic Systems Ltd. circuits. We use Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology to manufacture the circuit, providing the customer with a tiny 35 x 25 mm modular device. Our wireless circuits require no setting up and can be conveniently removed from and connected to different circuits. The circuit are robust and provide users with a line of sight range of at least 240 metres in open air.

The device operates in the World Wide, Licence Free 2.4Ghz frequency range. The device is also connector and pin compatible with the Nordic nRF2401 Evaluation Kit, Part Number nRF2401-EVKIT. So if you have lost or damaged an EVKIT RF module simply replace it with one of ours.


Product Image

1 x Nordic nRF2401 circuit

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