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Leg Harness and BodyLAB

Movement Capture System

The movement capture system allows you store hip, knee and ankle movements to a Personal Computer (PC) in ‘real time’. Your data can then be manipulated and replayed at a later date. The hardware consists of a leg harness, 14 channel circuit plus PC dongle and Radio Frequency (RF) circuits, power supply, cable and BodyLAB on CD.

The Movement Capture system is very simple to set up and operate.

Leg Harness

The leg harness consists of 6 sensors physically connected to each other using a plastic harness. The harness is easily attached to the legs using elasticated velcro. A wiring loom connects the sensors to our 14 channel data acquisition circuit. Captured movements are continuously streamed to the PC dongle using our wireless communications link.

You can use the 8 remaining unused channels to measure other things if you wish. The harness can be adjusted to suit different sized people.


The circuit can be set to operate in 2 main modes of operation using switch 1. Switches 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be configured to set the frequency used by each circuit to transmit and receive data.

The switch alternatives allow 8 transmitters (leg harness) circuits matched to 8 receivers (robot) circuits to operate correctly within range of each other. The RF circuits have at least 240 meters line of sight range in open air.

Specifiction - Data Acquisition

  • 14 Analogue Channels
  • 10 bit resolution
  • Scan Rate 100 Hz from each channel
  • Frames transmitted to the PC Serial Port via RF or cable
  • Baud Rate 115200 bps

Specifiction - Servo Controller

  • 14 Servo Channels
  • 10 bit resolution
  • Refresh Rate 50 Hz for each Servo
  • Frames received from PC Serial Port via RF or cable
  • Baud Rate 115200 bps


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Leg Harness and BodyLAB

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