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Complete BodyLAB System

Unique and Innovative

Robotic Systems Ltd. presents a new product specifically designed for ICT in Education. The system captures body movements and stores them for study and replay on screen and through our biped mimic man robot.

Leg Harness

The leg harness contains 6 sensors and a microprocessor controlled circuit. The harness is easily attached to the legs using elasticated velcro. A light cable connects the harness to the PC and is used to transfer movements.

BodyLAB PC Software

The PC software package is the heart of the system allowing users to capture movements,manipulate and replay data and control movements of the screen graphs, stickman and biped mimic man robot.

Mimic Man Robot

Our 6 servo biped mimic man robot is able to walk using captured data and is supported using our 'T' counterbalance frame. The mimic man robot simply needs plugging in.


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Complete BodyLAB System