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BodyLAB - The heart of the system.

Acquire the data you want, experiment with it - when you're ready play it through your robot.

Assessing BodyLAB

BodyLAB provides you with amazing features allowing you to easily capture movements and replay them through your robot. The system design is modular and the software can be run simply using the pre-recorded files shipped with the CD.

With Hardware

With the harness fitted to the test subject, the robot plugged in and the software started the robot will 'mimic' the test subject - that's why we call it the mimic man robot. The robot walks in a circle because it's connected to the counterbalance 'T' frame.

Without Hardware

Even without hardware attached BodyLAB provides the user with a unique perspective. Files shipped with the software allow the user to view recorded movements and access the software features.

Software Features

BodyLAB contains the following software features:

  • Play data forward or backward
  • Pause and single step data files
  • Select a single step from a multi-step file and save it
  • Play single step files, looping indefinitely
  • Apply smoothing algorithms, low pass, polynomial, window
  • View a panel showing raw digital values and voltages
  • Configure the Calibration panel to do 2 point calibration

Price: £45

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Complete BodyLAB System

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