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Robotic Systems - MechatronicsDoes your project require multiple channels? Do you need a high channel count but a low £cost per channel? Have you found a multiple channel system but found there isn’t an Radio Frequency (RF) link? Would you like to use Radio Control kit but cant calibrate the position sensors relative to the servos. Do you find the multiple channels don’t respond very quickly or the system is expensive to add channels to?

Robotic Systems products can help to you to quickly and simply solve a number of technical problems facing mechatronics developers. Don’t worry, our systems offer the best of both worlds, cost effective and highly featured. Several circuit configurations allow you to customize our product to suit your project.

Our 14 channel circuit is extremely compact and consumes very little power. When two circuits are set to data acquisition and servo controller mode the Line Of Sight range is at least 240 metres in open space. The 14 channel circuit can be set to either data acquisition or servo controller mode. Data can be acquired at 100hz from all 14 channels at 10 bit resolution. When in Servo Controller mode, all 14 servos are given new 10 bit positions at 50hz.

Once you have integrated a servo controller circuit into your mechatronic device a 14 channel data acquisition circuit can be used to connect directly to the mechatronic servo controller allowing you to experiment with your hardware directly without the added stability and setup issues associated with a PC. Next, connect one of our RF dongles to your PC and calibrate the data received and transmitted from both circuits to provide you with the realism of movements captured from the real world.

The benefits of capturing real world data are clear, Cable driven animatronic devices are twitchy due to ‘stiction’. Computer generated characters appear synthetic when the data moving them is computer generated. To gauge the level of realism we are offering view the video showing our biped robot mimicking human movements, ‘Click Here’ Neil this could take them to the biped robot product page.

All our circuit products are supplied with power supply cables and software application on CD allowing you to get started and running quickly. Our PC software applications are written using National Instruments Labview software. Robotic Systems Ltd can customise software applications and plastic chassis parts for its customers.