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Robotic Systems - Measurement and AutomationHave you ever worked on a project where the board specification was way too high? Did you ever need a cost effective piece of hardware allowing you to show an idea was feasible before moving directly to the committal stage and spending thousands? We have developed the data acquisition and closed loop hardware you need to model your project for only a few hundred pounds. It may be suitable as a final solution, clearly it can be reused.

Our hardware is simple to set up and operate. It offers several configurations, depending on whether you want to operate the project with or without a PC. When using a PC the hardware uses a standard serial port to acquire and transmit data. The hardware can grow with your needs, start with 1 circuit then add more circuits to increase function. Data can be transferred to or from the PC either using a Null Modem serial cable or via Radio Frequency (RF) circuitry. Data is transferred at 115200 baud, the main circuit can operate as either a 14 channel data acquisition or servo controller board.

When two circuits are set to data acquisition and servo controller mode the Line Of Sight range is at least 240 metres in open space. The 14 channel circuit can be set to either data acquisition or servo controller mode. Data can be acquired at 100hz from all 14 channels at 10 bit resolution. When in Servo Controller mode, all 14 servos are given new 10 bit positions at 50hz.

If you need to transmit data from a serial device to the PC or vice versa, but your serial device is mobile or has some distance between it and the PC, purchase 2 of our RF dongles. Plug the serial device into one and the PC into the other. Then stream your serial device data to the PC. The connection will work in both directions. The cost of 2, RF dongles could be far cheaper, simpler and less problematic than using a slip ring (slipring).

All our circuit products are supplied with power supply cables and software application on CD allowing you to get started and running quickly. Our PC software applications are written using National Instruments Labview software. Robotic Systems Ltd can customise software applications and plastic chassis parts for its customers