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Gait Analysis

Robotic Systems BodyLabRobotic Systems Ltd Gait Analysis package captures movements from a test subject using our leg harness, these can then be used by a biped robot to mimic the test subject. The benefit of the system is that it may provide a unique view of historical data in the ‘Real World’.

Our Gait Analysis system is simple to set up and operate. The leg harness passes its 2D data from both hips knees and ankles to the PC application via Radio Frequency (RF) circuitry. Our BodyLAB software captures these movements, allowing you to save to file. Saved data can be replayed and is used to populate a graph in ‘real time’, move a pictorial human on screen and drive a biped robot.

There are numerous other features contained within the BodyLAB software package allowing researchers and medical staff to safely interact, adjust and experiment with captured data in the ‘Real World’.

One interesting development is the artificial leg mimic feature. Here we use the data from one leg, stored by BodyLAB and play it over the data from the second leg, 180 degrees behind the first. This provides believable walking movements where the second leg continuously lags the first leg by half a step. We have found it possible to develop this technology safely and no patients were involved.

All our circuit products are supplied with power supply cables and software application on CD allowing you to get started and running quickly. Our PC software applications are written using National Instruments Labview software. Robotic Systems Ltd can customise software applications and plastic chassis parts for its customers.