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Robotic Systems - EducationAre you looking for a teaching alternative to the wheeled ‘robot’ and motorized arm? Have you found your current robot features limited? Would you like to find a product capable of seamlessly marrying the concepts of logging data and controlling servos? Should the robot be simple to setup, operate and maintain? Do you want a product to capture the imagination of students?

Robotic Systems Ltd. offers an innovative range of wireless devices designed for use in Education and Research. Our versatile products allow users to store test subjects leg movements and play them through a biped robot in real time. Our high quality wireless communication hardware is physically tiny but provides data reliably with line of sight for 240 meters in open air.

Our leg harness captures movements from the hips, knees and ankles. The PC receives this data and passes it to the biped robot which then mimics movements of the test subject. The robot is counterbalanced and therefore remains upright while walking. A National Instruments, LabVIEW PC software application called BodyLAB has been written to manage the data and provide the user with numerous features.

The wireless electronic circuits are modular providing the user with a number of different connection options. The main 14 channel circuit can be set to either a 14 channel data acquisition or Radio Control (RC) servo controller device. Each data acquisition channel is monitored at 100Hz. The RC servos can be given new positions at 50Hz. The resolution of each channel is 10 bit (1024 steps) in both modes of operation.

Our circuits use a PC serial port to transmit and receive data, if your laptop doesn’t have a serial port we can supply a serial to USB cable.

Our leg harness and robot chassis are machined using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. Our products are assembled by hand; completed products are tested to ensure they function correctly before shipping.

You can download the BodyLAB demo for free here. We have also provided files from a real world test subject. The complete BodyLAB manual is also provided, showing how to use the software and setup your hardware once you’ve made a purchase.

We also sell our circuits separately allowing you to design and assemble your own robots and acquisition system. By providing a complete circuit solution in terms of wireless connection, data acquisition and RC servo control we hope to encourage the fast development of innovative projects in teaching and industry.


Robotic Systems Ltd. has 2 research projects underway. The focus of this activity involves the use of our wireless technology allowing us to provide closed loop, real time control of our robot devices. The project titles are:

  • 1 metre tall balancing biped robot
  • A motorised head and neck unit attached to a motorised base