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Below you can download the BodyLab software to try for yourself.

To save the files to your computer, click on each icon in turn, right click and choose save target as, then navigate to a suitable directory.

Click here to download BodyLAB The BodyLAB application has numerous features allowing you to interact with walking data in a number fascinating ways.
(Windows Zipped File 20.2 MB)
Sample files to work with BodyLAB The zip file contains several walking files, these can be loaded by BodyLAB.
(Windows Zipped File 148 KB)
BodyLAB PDF manual

The BodyLAB manual clearly describes how to assemble and operate the entire BodyLAB software and hardware package.
(PDF 412 KB You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. You can download it for free here.)

Downloads on this page are free for assessment purposes. However, BodyLAB retails for £45 per license. We have price breaks for multiple licenses; please contact us for more details.