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Robotic Systems Ltd. - About Us

Robotic Systems Ltd has developed a suite of software and hardware based products providing a range of modular features. Users can capture movements from, and play in the real world, we have also developed a gait analysis system and biped robot along with custom built PC software to show the power of the hardware.

Our customers typically work within tight budget constraints whether in Education, Industry or Modeling, they need to ensure purchases provide value for money are interesting and highly functional.

We offer a complete and comprehensive Mail Order Service for both the UK and Overseas Export. We aim to get your order to you as quickly and economically as possible.
We offer all our customers:

Robotic Systems Ltd. - the future today.One stop convenience

  • A low price guarantee
  • Our own branded quality assured products
  • Easy ordering by post, email and telephone

Always Fresh Ideas

We’ve always believed in innovation that’s why we dreamed up the walking robot. It provides purpose for the rest of our electronic products. We want our customers to develop their own purposeful projects too. We believe that by adding subtle detail to the function of our hardware you will be able to play in ways you have not been able to using similar products.

We’re here to help

We want your experience of buying our products from to be stress free. We offer the highest standards in customer care and believe that our ‘after care’ is second to none.